Về Hà Nội ăn tết với giá 1,7 triệu VND


Thank you for choosing Nok Air!

Anh bụi ơi, em có trao đổi mail với Nok air về vụ việc xác nhận thẻ thanh toán quốc tế của người khác đặt hộ thì được trả lời như thế này, chắc a cũng đã biết rồi, nhưng em cứ up lên đây vậy ạ. Theo e-mail thì tác dụng là khả quan rồi anh nhỉ 😀

According to your e-mail, we would like to inform that for terms and conditions Important Notice for International credit card payments (credit cards issued outside Thailand), if passenger used other person’s International credit card for the payment, passenger must bring the original credit card to present our staff at the check in counter on his/her departure date. Otherwise, Nok Air reserves the right to deny boarding. However, for your case, please kindly provide us booking number when you make a transaction complete, a copy of cardholder’s credit card, copy cardholder’s passport and passenger’s passport as PDF or JPEG file at least 3 days before departure time, we will send your case to our division for physical verification as soon as possible.

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